lördag, december 13, 2008

Lucia - 2008

Today at about 3.30 pm my mother had some visitors, both big and small. Four of her 15 grandchildren and seven of her 18 great-grandchildren came and celebrated Lucia with her. The children were singing Lucia songs and then they had some hard earned syrup, gingerbread and Lucia cats.

Agnes and Tintin on their way to greatgrandmother Marie-Louise...
...and here are some more children - cousins and next-cousins.
The walk way into her apartment...

...and here they are arriving at her frontdoor. Elvira, Julia, Ebba, Felisia, Agnes, Tintin and Allis (sitting on her mothers arm).

From left: Agnes, Tintin, Ebba, Allis, Elvira, Julia and Felisia.

Agnes and Tintin are a little bit sky of there next cousins. They do not meat them that very often, but the other five at the picture are first cousins and are meating quite often though.

They all were singins very nice and a lot of Christmas and Lucia songs. Afterwards they applaud them selves ;-)

Poor Tintin, he's the only boy among all the girls ;-)


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judyinthedyes sa...

On Saturday I was at the home of my Swedish seamstress friend Ranghild. She reminded me that it was Saint Lucia's Day...I'm not such a good Swede, am I?!!! She had Swedish songs playing and she was dressed in a red sweater. It was quite festive. Anna looks wonderful....being a Mom really agrees with her. Agnes is a perfect Lucia....and Tintin is adorable as usual!