lördag, december 13, 2008


Both me and my small friends are back again. My stomach flu is gone, and it's very nice to feel like a normal person again.

Can you spot them all?
I've found 16 birds at the first picture.
How many are you able to find?

I think there's 16 at the second picture too =)

Click at the pictures and thay will enlarge.

12th December2008.


4 kommentarer:

anna sa...

hittar oxå sexton små vänner. Nötväckan (delfinen ;-) var lurig på första dock!

anna sa...

och så skönt att du känner dig bra igen!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Kram på dig själv.
Skönt att må bra igen =)

judyinthedyes sa...

Who puts the bird seed out in the feeders? Craig does all of that, and even makes the suet for our birds. I am very lucky! I just sit and enjoy the birds.