torsdag, december 18, 2008

Leaving for the big city

Well, today I and my mother are flying to Stockholm because tomorrow, the 19th the funeral for her brother that so tragically died the 1st of November, is taking place. It will be nice to see some of my relatives again, but it had been nicer under other circumstance.
Don’t remember exactly when I visited the "big city" recently. Perhaps it’s 8-10 years since I was there.
Bertil is (I think) a little bit anxious to be left alone, but I think he’s more capable then he think he is. He’s taken some medicine at the moment, and for him that’s more complicated then it really is. I’ve written a lot of instructions, so I’m not worried. His medical condition at the moment is very good, it’s just that he’s so forgetful and don’t believe in him self anymore. His ego is very low, but when he really has to do things by his own I actually think that he’s capable of doing it. He’s very dependent on me, so he really needs to be by his own for a couple of days, (I think anyhow).

This is what I'm looking at when I'm sitting at my computer. My grandchildren in "double edition", so to say ;-)Vincent and Embla is kind of grandchildren too of cores =)))))


2 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Hope all has gone well. I know this was a difficult time for you and your Mom, but it was so good of you to go with her!


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Everything has gone well and we are safe and sound back in good old Skåne again.
I don't like the big city very much. There's to much people and cars :/

The funeral was very nice disposed. Lots of music and nice speeches.