fredag, oktober 31, 2008

Entertainment =))))

Yesterday we had Agnes and Tintin here the whole afternoon, but first I was picking them up at the day care center in Torekov.
When we got home Tintin fell a sleep and slept for almost two hours. Agnes hadn’t been eating any lunch so I made her some homemade pancakes, stewed fruit (fruktkräm) and an ice lolly (glasspinne) for dessert. When Tintin woke up he got the same food, and Agnes got one more ice lolly =)
After that they got a lot of energy as you can see from my small movies below.
Both Bertil and I were shaking of laughter when Tintin started to move after the music. We tried not to show that we were laughing, because then he probably had stopped his “show”. He looked so cute and it seemed like he was in some kind of trance when the music started.
Agnes was playing around in the background, cute as always too ;-)


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Judy sa...

so cute!!! I think he really 'feels the rhythm!