fredag, juli 11, 2008

Supper for Four!

Yesterday evening we invited our neighbours, Linette and Bengt for a chat and a small supper. We have lived as neighbours for 36 (!) years, and this was the first time we really got together like this.
Bertil and Linette went to school together as children, so it’s not that we haven’t known each other. It just hasn’t become of!!!!
Of cores we have seen each other for a short chat and a cup of coffee now and then through the years, but that’s all.
We had a very nice evening with good food (if I may say so) cheese, wine and beer. Coffee and a good liqueur chocolate for dessert.
I really do hope that it not will take another 36 years before we get together like this again ;-)

...and here's what we ate...
My "You take what you have" pie without the shell since I try to not eat any flour products...

...and a good salad with lots of goodies.


Here are the ingredients in the pie:

About 200 gram, (7,0548 ounces), of shred turkey meat, shred leek - about 15 cm (5,91 inches), a tin with mushrooms - about 125 gram (4,4092 ounces) parboiled broccoli in small bouquet.

Put all these ingredients in a pie tin with some butter and then put it all in the oven (+200°C - +390°F) while you mix together the baked eggs (äggstanningen).

4 eggs, 3 deciliter (10,14 fluid ounces) whipping cream (not whipped), 4-5 tablespoons natural cream cheese, salt and pepper.Beat all these ingredients together and poor over the meat, leek, mushroom and broccoli filling.

Put the pie in the oven (same degrees as before) for about 15-20 minutes. Serve a good salad with it.
I had iceberg lettuce, small shard leaves, cucumber in thin slices (without the wet inside), small yellow plum tomatoes, fresh mushrooms in thin slices, a small peeled Clementine in thin slices and feta cheese in peaces.

I also had a good homemade dressing that included 2 dl (6,76 oz ) 15 % crème fraiche, about ½-1 dl (3,38 oz) whipping cream (not whipped) and some herbs (Knorr’s örtagårdskrydda, ca 2 tsk).

Don’t be afraid of all this fat. I’ve lost 14 kilograms, (30,86 lbs) with this kind of food (LCHF) ;-)


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