måndag, juli 07, 2008

Got what I asked for!

Today we have had much cooler weather, loooots of rain and a nasty thunder storm. So, yes I really got what I asked for yesterday ;-)

This forenoon I had my grandchildren Agnes and Tintin here, and that's a really pleaser. They are just the best and cutest kids in the whole wide world.
Agnes is mostly playing calm and quiet with Maria's or Anna's old toys, My Little Pony or something like that.
Then she always wants macaroni and some kind of meat for an early lunch, a fruit for dessert or vice versa. The fruit first and the food afterwards, she’s strange that little girl, but as long as she eats it can’t make any difference in which order she eats what, don’t you think?
So, in this case her wish is my command =)
Tintin is also playing, but a little bit more loudly with “his” things that also is toys that I've saved from 70's and 80's when their mother and aunty were small children ;-)

Tintin usually takes a nap after he had got macaroni, meat and a fruit, or a bottle of gruel.


In the afternoon I’ve been very productive I think. I vacuumed the whole house and change to clean sheets in our beds, fixed dinner and then Anna came for a short visit.

I’ve started to “clean” out our things in cupboards and drawers…again! I’m so tired of all things that maybe could be “nice and good to have”.
I’m just like a little hamster and have to change my behaviour. I don’t need two of a kind, or sometimes three…!
What am I thinking of when I buy things that I already have or save things because I might will have some need of it in the future.
I think that I’ve inherited that from my Dad. He had almost always two, three or four peaces of the same thing, just in case he needed one more one day in the future.
When my Mom sold their house and moved to an apartment after my Dad died, two and a half years ago, we (me and my siblings) sorted out things in the house every day for nearly three months (!), and that I don’t want anyone would have to do after me when I’m gone.
Not that I’ve thought of leaving this world yet, but one never knows. Soooo, if that would happened tomorrow I can rest in peace ;-)


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Judy sa...

I've finally gotten an RSS feed message with about 5 of your blog posts! Sheesh! I wish Blogarithm hadn't sold out!

You are so good to be cleaning out. I have started doing that, but haven't gotten too far along...too many interruptions!

More cute pictures of Agnes and Tintin!! Thank you for posting them.