lördag, juni 28, 2008

Washing, rubbing, cleaning and waxing...

...that's what I've done all day long so my nails are black-bordered, my fingers are aching and so is also my poor back.
I vacuumed the inside of the car for almost two hours, so my old vacuum cleaner got on fire. Luckily the cleaner was outside the car. I felt an awful smell and when I looked up and out of the car window I saw a thick sticky smoke. I got out of the car very hasty and took off the switch, put the cleaner out in the middle of the courtyard, and then I went inside and fetch another old vacuum cleaner.
You see, I never trough away things unnecessarily, but now I don't have any more old vacuum cleaners in store =)
We are going to sell my father and mother-in-law's car, so I had to wash, clean and wax it. Bertil has never been any "car cleaner" so I, as always, had to do it. He's very good in mucking them up though =/
The two pictures are taken with about one month variance and with two different cameras. That's why the color at the car not is the same.
Can you see any difference (except for the color)? It took me a whole working day (eight hours) to get it in acceptably condition, both inside and outside, again! We already have a buyer and the "deal" will be on Monday afternoon =)
I hope they will be satisfied with the car.
( Sorry, but Blogger doesn't let me enlarge this picture)
30th of May

28th of June

Otherwise life is going on as 'usually'. Bertil started a new cytostatic period of five days this Wednesday, 25th, so now there's only one more day for this time.
He’s managing this kind of treatment remarkably well. Some people feel very sick/nausea when they take this kind of pills, but not Bertil, and that we are very thankful for.
When this treatment period is over, he will be free from the pills for three weeks. Then a new round with five days is coming up, and so on for six month. After that we just have to wait and see what’s happening. Hopefully nothing for a long time.
In about two weeks time they are going to make a new MR x-ray again, and that's comforting to know.


4 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Klart man ser skillnad :)
Men var vaxet orange eller?? hihi!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Ja det skulle man kanske kunna tro, men sådan skillnad är det på en bra och en mindre bra kamera. Den översta bilden är tagen med Nikon D40 och den undre med min gamla HP R607.

Judy sa...

Would you come and do my car? It is about the same size and a lovely Swedish Volvo...I think you must remember it!


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Of cores I would like to do your car...if I only had lived closer, sigh!
Yes I rememer your car, but I thought that you maybe had bought a new one by now!?