lördag, juni 21, 2008


This weekend we are celebrating Midsummer here in Sweden so now the "Party people" have started to pop up in "town". Soon we are having a three doubled population here at the Bjärehalvön - Bjäre peninsula.
The tourism is very important for our small community, but I prefer the time before and after this summer season explosion.
This Midsummer pole was standing outside my parent-in-law’s apartment. Both they and my Mom are living in a place where there are only apartments for senior citizens, and every year the staff at this place are making a little pole like this.

Photo: Eva Hagbjärn


2 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Ah ha: so the 'fiskmoss' have arrived for another season! I wonder if my spelling is even remotely close to correct??

That reminds me of the time that the lady was so rude to me and Kristin in the little diningroom at the hotel where we were staying in Bastad! I was so embarrassed...not a good feeling when I was going to meet my Swedish family for the very first time!


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Yes the Seagulls have arrived for this season.
Hopefully you got a much better opinion about your ‘new’ Swedish relatives then you got from that rude 'lady'.
Today it’s exactly 15 years since you and Kristin went back home from your visit here. Do you remember that?
You were here from the 28th of June to the 1st of July. Unfortunately not that many days, but we got to know each other quite well, isn’t it?
Much has happened in these 15 years.