tisdag, juni 10, 2008

At Last...

...we have got some cooler weather. No rain as far as the eye can see yet, but they have forecasted rain for tomorrow, so let's hope that that will do up.
Our lawn is almost looking like a desert and the trees are really longing for water. Lots of water! The temps have gone down from +29C (+84,2F) to +16C (+84,2F) from yesterday and it's also very windy today.

Last Friday, 6th of June we celebrated our National Day here in Sweden.
In the forenoon we were invited to Anna, Ronnie, Agnes and Tintin for coffee. They had a lovely strawberry cake that tasted very good. Yum yum!!!!

Click on the pictures and they will enlarge.

National Day celebration with coffe and cake.
Tintin is sleeping.

Agnes wanted to have some small birthday candels in the cake.
So here she and Anna are blowing them out.

Tintin, always with a smile on his face =)

We spent the afternoon with Maria. It was the annual market in Våxtorp –Våxtorps marknad. Maria and I use to go there every 1st Friday in June and 1st Friday in September and this time Bertil went with us and that’s very uncustomary that he wants to do a thing like that.

Today I’ll only enjoy the cool weather ;-)


Updated at 16. 15.
The warmth has come back, phew, but it's still very windy.

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Judy sa...

Hej Eva!
I loved the pictures of Anna's little family! Tintin certainly is a happy little fellow, and Agnes is a beauty! I'm glad you are having some cooler weather. We are still having heat, but not quite as bad as before. Craig and I took Mom out for lunch today and it was 90 on the car thermometer when we picked her up. By the time we got home the thermometer read 97. Too darned hot!
I did some gardening this morning but had to come in by about 11 because of the heat and humidity.
Bertil looks great in the photo. Hope he is feeling well. Please give him my love...but keep some for yourself too!