lördag, maj 31, 2008

Sitting Here...

I was just sitting here and suddenly it popped up in my head that my weight loss is about the same weight that little Tintin has right now.
A whole little person has disappeared from my body!!!!
To be honest, I don’t feel lighter and I can’t see in the mirror that I actually have lost all these kilos, but that’s probably a thing you have to grow into, bit by bit as the time goes by.
This kind of diet, LCHF, suits me very well and I'm very happy that I found it in an old Weekly magazine last fall.
It was an article about a very controversial and discussed person here in Sweden, Doctor Annika Dahlqvist.

Tintin, 29th of May.
10 month and 5 days old ;-)

We have a heat wave here in Sweden at the moment, and right now we have +25C (+77F) in the shade and the time is 1.00 pm.
Don’t know for how long, but for me it’s not any enjoyable weather at all. I’m no lover of this kind of warmth. About +18C (+64,40F) is more my kind of temps ;-)


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Judy sa...

Good for you Eva!! Keep it up! I can see a difference in your face in your new picture.