lördag, maj 03, 2008

Tintin & Agnes on her "Run Bike".

Sometime last year, don’t remember exactly when, I bought Agnes a ”Run Bike”. That’s a little bike without pedals.
I bought it on “Leksaksmagasinet” in Ängelholm, and if I remember right I paid about 3-400 sek. A superable (överkomlig) sum in my opinion in the view of that the children doesn’t need the bike for more than perhaps a year or so.
The clever thing with this little bike is that the kids learn, often very fast, how to keep the balance without that irritating small support wheels on the back wheel.
In the beginning Agnes was a little bit afraid of the bike, and she didn’t reach all the way down to the ground, but now she’s a little bit taller and has no problem at all to ride on her “Run Bike”.
What I can see she looks very happy when she’s “running”.

I think that little Tintin would have liked very much to try too.

Agnes on her "Run Bike".

You must have a helmet on so you protect your little head!

Agnes is joking with grandma...

...and at last - a little movie =)


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Judy sa...

Oh, she's growing up much too fast Eva! What a great little movie. And yes, Tintin does appear to be ready to ride as well!