tisdag, april 29, 2008

My Engagement Ring

I have an “old” friend that I visited some time ago. She had a very beautiful framed picture of her wedding ring that I “fell in love” with.
It was her son that had photographed the ring, and I got to know “the secret” how he had made to get the lovely effect with the heart under the ring.
I can imagine that he has a much better camera then I have and probably a much better light source, but I think that with the vehicle (medel) that I had available, I got a quite good result when I tried to photograph my engagement ring.
It was a great deal of rigging and juggling (fixande och trixande) before I was satisfied enough with my picture.

Unfortunately I’ve “destroyed” my wedding ring because I‘d to take a piece from it to put on my engagement ring because both of them were too small.
The rings look the same, so I had to choose to destroy one of them to be able to use at least one of them.
So the choose fell on my wedding ring. I felt that the engagement ring was more valuable to me. Don’t know why, but probably because that was the first ring I got from Bertil of these two.
I was only 15 years old when we met, 16 when we got engaged and 22 when we got married. That’s a long life together (43 years), at least nowadays when people split up from each other to easily in my opinion.


3 kommentarer:

Jonna sa...

Vilket häftigt kort. Du får lära mig det knepet.

Fantastiskt att ni har varit tillsammans så länge.


Judy sa...

Great picture Eva!!

43 years is such a long time!!


Anna sa...

Vilka fina bilder!! Både ringen och alla fina knopparna. Har kommenterat tidigare (fred. 25/4)-trodde jag, men det hade jag tydligen inte, för min kommentar finns inte med... Jag måste ha missat nåt, t.ex. att publicera den :-)
kram mamma