tisdag, mars 25, 2008

Winter Landscape!

This is how it looked outside my window yesterday evening at 18.30 and the picture below is from this morning at 8.15. The spring seems to be very far away at the moment, but they have forecasted warmer weather for the coming weekend. So let us hope that's right, because now we all are longing for warmer and greener days again.

For all of you that are wondering how Bertil is doing I can tell that everything is alright at the moment.
On Thursday we are going to Lund again and will then meet the surgeon that made the surgery exactly a month ago today, 25th. Hopefully we will get to know more about everything then.
Bertil also has an appointment to an oncologist in Lund next Monday, the 31st and the 7th of April he's going to the radiation unit in Lund to be prepared for the radiation and cell toxin treatment that starts the 15th of April.
There will be many wanderings to Lund in the nearest future for us, but I don't mind. The main thing is that he will get broad well again.
This treatment will be going on for six weeks. So this will be a very tough spring for us all and of cores the most for Bertil. Even though we know how the “wandering” goes, there will perhaps be some things that’s new for him/us this time, hopefully for the better.


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Judy sa...

What beautiful pictures! But I think we all would appreciate them more if they had been taken in December, or January, or February...not March!!!

I hope your trip to Lund and the visit with Bertil's surgeon goes well. Please know that you all continue in our thoughts and prayers.


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you for your thoughts Judy!