torsdag, mars 27, 2008

Sunny Day!

As previously mentioned we have been in Lund today and met the surgeon. He was glad that Bertil seemed to be so fresh and “healthy” again. There’s some swelling left over the operation wound, but otherwise everything seemed to be alright this far.
Of cores we had some questions, but actually not that many.
For instance:

If the tumor is coming back, will it be located at the same place?
Yes, but perhaps with some small difference with in centimeters or millimeters.

How does the radiation work nowadays in comparison of eight years ago?
It’s much more precise. They can tune in the radiation machine so it radiate more at the place were the tumor was located, and less at the surrounding healthy tissue.

How does this kind of tablet cytostatic work? Will he be sick by it?
He will not (fortunately) be so very sick by this kind of treatment with tablets, but if he would be anyhow, there’s tablets for that too.

We forgot to ask if he will loose any hair with this treatment, but on Monday, 31st he has a new chance if he's thinking of several questions. Then Bertil will meet an oncologist.

We have had a gorgeous sunny day here today, and the layer of snow is melting away more and more each day now.

Hopefully the spring is on its way at last!


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Anna sa...

kram till dig -världens bästa mamma:-)

Judy sa...

Beautiful picture and wonderfully hopeful answers to your questions! Thank you for supplying us all with answers to so many questions that we have all had! You are a gem Eva...and a very strong gem at that!!