lördag, februari 02, 2008

Welcome February!

At last the dark and boring month January has left us for this time. The weather has been quite nice today. The sun has looked forward now and then during the day. Very nice indeed!
We have had very stormy and rainy weather the last week, but now it seems to have calm down a bit. Two days ago the storm “Tuva” went over our country, but fortunately we didn’t have so much discomfort from her here in the south parts of Sweden.


The “journey” with my new diet LCHF, has gone quite good if I may say so. My dear husband is a little bit sceptical about it though, but I didn’t expect any thing else.
He thinks that I’m eating very strange, but I’m actually eating the same as he does. The changes that I have made are that I don’t eat:
Potatoes, rice, pasta, sugar, grain/corn (spannmål) products like bread, flours etc.
I’ve also selected away all kind of light products when it comes to dairy (mejeri) products. I only eat high fat products like we did 40-50 years ago when the word light not was “discovered” when it comes to food.
Back then people weren’t as fat as they are today, and they didn’t have so much of all these welfare diseases that they have today as diabetes type-2, to high cholesterol, over weight, heart diseases etc.
Slow but safe, I have lost 6 kilograms (13,23 pounds) since the middle of December 2007, and I hope to lose a lot, lot more before I’m satisfied. At least 30 kg (66,13 pounds) more. It’s a very giddying (svindlande) thought, 30 kg, but hopefully not an unrealistic thought.
Even if it will take me a year, or perhaps even more, I will hopefully not give up or give in for all the bad carbohydrates that are so tempting, and bad for me. I really do feel very good at the moment, with my self and my new eating habits and even though I only have lost 6 kg I feel a lot more moveable then I did before.


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Judy sa...

Good for you and your recent weight loss Eva! I am very proud of you. I think we all have gotten into a nasty habit of eating too many highly processed foods. I feel best when I eat mostly fruits and vegetables...and maybe a few brown grains!
Happy February to you too!


Anna sa...

You really seem to have found the right way now mamma =)
You're really impressing me!!!
As always ;-)