söndag, februari 10, 2008

Some Light in All Distress…

Saturday 9th, 2008.
Yesterday I picked Bertil up from the hospital for the weekend, but he has to be back Sunday evening before 8 pm.
Hopefully we will get to know what’s wrong with him sometimes next week.
We have had a couple of intense days here at home because he’s worried about everything that needs to function in our house.
Am I able to bring off all these things by my self, he wonders?
The firewood warming-pan (we heat up our house only with firewood), the water that needs to be cleaned at least twice a week trough the water-filter, fix the pressure vessel (hydrofor) when it’s full of water (empty it and then put up the pressure again) ……….?
So that’s what we have done, among many other things that need to be sorted out in a situation like this, and for his peace of mind if, as he says, “If the worst is going to happened”.
I remember that we did all these things nine years ago too. I thought in my foolishness that we never had to do that again, but alas what we befooled our self!
Well, we should of cores think positive, but that’s not easy to do when we have gone through a thing like this once before.

Yesterday Maria came “home” for a while to have dinner with us, and today we were visiting Anna and her little family.
It was such a nice and sunny day today, so we took a short walk and played around with Agnes at the lawn. She loves to kick at a football/soccer ball, and laughs a lot when I’m chasing her and the ball.
Here are some pictures from today, Saturday 9th.
Click on the pictures, and they will all enlarge.
Little Tintin, 6 month.

Anna, Tintin, Bertil and Agnes.

Agnes and her football.


Anna, Tintin and Bertil.

Grandpa and Agnes.
Agnes use to name him "Morfar Muffins".

A tired little man...

...and a hungry little man.
Notice Agnes's drawing in the background.
Not bad for a three year old child, says a proud Grandmother ;-)

4 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Hej Eva!
I'm so glad that Betil got to come home for the weekend!!! ;-) It must have seemed very special for both of you. You took some lovely pictures of your visit to Anna's. The children, as always, are beautiful!!
Keep me posted on how my dear cousin is doing...and give him a big, fat, juicy kiss on the cheek from me!!


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you Judy for your, as always, nice comment.
I will deliver the kiss next time I see him ;-)


Rayna sa...

Oh, Eva, my heart goes out to you and Betil. I am a friend of Judy's and I read your blog from time to time. Even though we haven't met, I am sending you a hug for strength and will be sending strong positive thoughts your way. Life is not fair but there is always hope that things will turn out ok.
warmest wishes,

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you so very much Rayna for your hug and thoughts. It really warmed deep into my heart to know that someone that I don't know personally (only from your comments at Judy's blog) cares about us so far away.