torsdag, februari 07, 2008

A Heavy Week!

My dear husband since 35 years and life companion since 42 years is at the hospital in Ängelholm. He has had a bad head ache for some weeks now and this Tuesday I took him to the emergency ward in Ängelholm because he started to talk mumbo-jumbo last Saturday. Everything that came out of his mouth was awkward and strange.
We had been to his doctor on Monday morning, but she didn’t think that anything was wrong with him. She’s from Yugoslavia, I think, so she probably thought that people talks like that here in Sweden. (She’s talking very bad Swedish).
After eight (!) hours and all kind of tests and examinations at the emergency ward they decided that they wanted him to stay at the hospital for further investigations. They took also a tomography and what they saw was a big swelling inside his head at the left side. That explained why his talk was strange. (The center for talking is located at the left side of the brain).
Today it’s Thursday and we still don’t know what’s wrong, but the doctor said yesterday that it could be a tumour that’s pressing between the brain and the cranium.
So now I’m sitting here and thousands of thoughts are crossing my mind. It’s not fair, not fair at all because he had a tumour in his right parotid gland (öronspottkörtel) nine years ago and it’s only one year since they declared him totally healthy from that.
Life is not nice to us right now.
I’m not a believer and will never end up as one either, because if there was a God, he wouldn’t do all this bad things to us.
Sixteen years ago we lost our son, only seventeen years old, in a car accident, so I think that we have had our share of bad luck and sorrows by now.
I can’t do anything to improve my husband’s life right now.
Just sit here in my loneliness and hope for the best way out of this damned unfair situation.

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Maria sa...

No, it's not fair... it's almost like a nightmare you can't wake up from :(

Anna sa...

I don't know what to say... I agree with Maria.
When I wake up in the morning at first everything feels like usual, but only for a second. Then the truth about what's going on comes into my mind. If it only could be a nightmare we all soon will wake up from.

Judy sa...

I am so sorry that this is happening to you all AGAIN! The long distance between us is so agonizing to me. I wish that I could sit with you everyday Eva, that I could visit Bertil, that I could babysit for Anna while she visits her father, that I could do something to help! It is truly a nightmare and I hope that we all will wake up soon and find a happy ending to this horrid dream.


Jonna sa...

Usch så tråkigt att höra. Hoppas att det går att ordna lätt. Nä, livet är verkligen inte rättvist och ni har verkligen blivit drabbade hårt tidigare. Det får räcka nu.
Skickar över en massa styrkekramar till er allihopa.

Många kramar

Marie-Anne Condé sa...

Hej Eva!

Så tråkigt att läsa om den här nya prövningen, som ni verkligen inte "förtjänar"! Och jobbigt att vänta på besked under veckan, i ovisshet, och med tankarna malande fram och tillbaka. Hoppas, hoppas att ni får ett positivt besked och att det inte är det värsta scenariot som infrias!

Jag tänker på er och skickar många kramar till dig! Mamma och pappa likaså.

Kusin Iris Marie-Anne

Carol sa...

Hello Eva, I've been reading about your problems on Judy's blog and I just want to send you, Bertil and Anna my very best wishes. I thought you may like to know that someone in Australia is thinking about you all. Carol OOO

Vägen från 137kilo sa...

Fy vad fruktansvärt... Jag bara ana hur ni känner er nu. Gissar att ni just kunnat lägga den förra omgången bakom er och så får ni ett nytt slag i ansiktet. Så ortättvis. man tycker att att om man lyckats ta sig ut klorna på den sjukdomen tidigare borde få fripass för resten av livet...
Även om det ser mörkt ut just nu så vet man ju aldrig. En morgon när ni vaknar kan det plötligt finnas ett bot, jag hoppas verkligen att den dagen kommer fort.