tisdag, februari 19, 2008

A Nice Weekend!

The weekend that went by, my dear friend Anna from Gothenburg came for a quick and alas to short visit.
We had a very nice time together and talked a lot. Saturday afternoon right after she arrived, we were invited to “my” Anna for coffee and birthday cake. It was Ronnie’s birthday.
The evening went by with dinner and more talk and on Sunday we went to a small shopping center nearby for a couple of hours.
A quick lunch and then it already was time for my dear friend to return back home. Her train came at 16.25.
Why does always the time go by so fast when you have a fun and nice time, and wears away when you want it to go quick?
We got this lovely bouquet from my friend Anna =)

The bouquet today.

Right now Bertil and I are waiting for his operation that will take place in Lund on Monday the 25th. He will stay at the hospital for a week and hopefully we will get to know what kind of tumor it is that he has when that week has gone by.
When they know what kind of tumor it is they can tell what kind of treatment he will get.

This waiting can almost make you crazy, but I refuse to think in a negative way and I never take out anything, what ever it is, before I now for sure what it is and how things will end up.

Bertil him self is feeling just fine at the moment and is surprisingly calm. He knows just about what’s waiting for him. The operation is of cores not the same as last time (1999), but he knows how it feels to wake up from the anaesthesia and operation, and everything else that follows in its way.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, I’m driving him to Lund for two days of examinations and a new MR x-ray, and then he will be home until Sunday when he has to be back before the “big day”.

Bertil and I also had our 35th wedding anniversary this weekend, 17th February. We will celebrate that further on when all this is over and done with.


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Marie-Anne Condé sa...

Hej Eva och Bertil!

Vi skickar våra varmaste och mest positiva tankar till er på måndag att allt måtte gå bra och Bertil bli snabbt återställd!

Kramar och hälsningar!
kusin Iris Marie-Anne med mor och far.

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Tack snälla för era tankar!

Kram Eva

Judy sa...

For some reason I never found this post until tonight.

My thoughts and prayers are with you.