lördag, oktober 13, 2007

My New Kitchen Appliance

I bought my self a new kitchen machine about a week ago, a raw juice centrifuge, or a juicer, or what ever.
On Mondays we get a whole bunch of advertising sheets in our mail box and one is from a big food store called Maxi were I use to shop. Last week this Philip’s Juicer was in the ad-sheet, shining and looking at me saying: “Buy me”!
Well, of cores it wasn’t exactly like that but almost, because I’ve thought for a long time that I would like to have one just like that. So why not make a deal when I had the chance. It was also $15 (100 sek) cheaper than normal =)
On this web site you can see a small cut from Juice Master – Jason Vale’s DVD. Then you will get a hint of how it works.

This is my Juicer. Not as big as Jason's but big enough for me ;)

Here's "The Swedish chef" (you probably know him from The Muppet show) with a big glas of fresch pressed juice. Today I had:

4 big oranges – just peel off the orange
2 apples
1 beetroot - peeled
8 big carrots – peeled
And a small thin slice of ginger
All in all this became about 10 dl of pure juice. Nothing less than a vitamin bomb ;)

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