fredag, oktober 26, 2007

Forgetful...or old and senile?

Think I’m getting old and senile.
I had an appointment to my optician this Wednesday at 11.00 am, and an other to my dentist on Thursday at 13.30 pm.
The only thing is that I mixed up the days! So Wednesday about 11.30 the optician phoned me and wondered if there had been some misunderstanding about the time. But of cores there hadn’t! I was so sure the whole morning that I would go to the dentist in the afternoon.
I apologized several times and felt very, very stupid, but the optician sad that there was no harm done and that that can happen to anyone. He gave me a new appointment on Monday, so now I just have to sharpen up and not forget to remember…..

I’ve been a little bit scared and shaky about my visit to the dentist, (getting worse the older I get) so I think that’s why I would go to him as fast as possible so it was over and done with. The thing is that our old dentist has recently been retired and we have got a new dentist, and I didn’t know how he was, but now I know. He was very competent and calm and made me feel calm and in a good mod.

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Judy sa...

I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one who seems to get dates and appointment times mixed up these days! Most of our Drs' offices call a day or week before and remind their patients of their upcoming appointments. That really helps forget folks like me! I'm glad that you like your new dentist!