söndag, september 09, 2007

Maria's work

Yesreday, Saturday 8th, Bertil and I were invited to see Maria's workplace at Hemocue in Ängelholm.
They had arranged a round with questions that everybody should go because in that way we saw the whole place in the same time as we attended this competition.
(Really don't know if there's any prizes in that competition).
After the quiz we enjoyed a very tasty barbecue buffet.
All in all we had a very nice afternoon and it was very interesting to see what Maria is doing at work.
She's working at the hemoglobin department were they are making the cuvetts for hemoglobin tests.


2 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

They just said that it was "nice prices" that you could win, but I already know I answered many of them wrong so no luck that day =(

Judy sa...

Great pic of Maria!! ;-)
Looks like your weather is already getting cold there. It is still 90+ here during the day. ;-(