måndag, augusti 20, 2007

Photo Book!

About two weeks ago I installed a photo book program in my computer. Its name is Pixgen and it’s the Pixopolis that makes that available. I have had a lot of fun I can tell you! You can see a small extract from my photo book below, that I made about Agnes’s first year in life.

I sent off my finished file through Pixopolis FTP program last Wednesday, 16th August, and got the ready book in my hand the 20th August. Four days!!! Amazing, don’t you think?

I made this book in 48 pages and that costed me 365 sek + 40 sek in postage, all-in-all 405 sek. A lot of money perhaps, but a memory for life I think. You pay by your bankcard number or through your Internet bank, e-identification (e-legitimation)

The Pixopolis is in Swedish and German, (it’s a German company who’s made the program and makes the books) what I know of, but I think there must bee a lot of similar web programs in lots of other languages out there on the Internet.

I can strongly recommend this program to my Swedish talking friends. I have made two other photo books before in an other program whose name is “Gör din egen bok” (Make your own book), but Pixopolis was a hundred times better and very easy to use.

Here’s the address to the photo program Pixopolis: http://www.pixopolis.se/ or http://www.fotobok.com/
Hope you will have a nice time if you choose to make a book like I did.


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Judy sa...

How wonderful!
I saw a similar book published from an online photo company, and it was very nice also...snapfish, I think it was.

xo dear cousin!