torsdag, juni 28, 2007

A Rainy Day…

A lovely rose bush outside the front door at my parents-in-law.

The last week has been a very rainy week here in the south parts of Sweden. I’m not complaining it’s just that if the sun is shining it shines a lot and if it’s raining it’s raining a lot. It can never be just right!
I don’t like too much sun and heat, (about +20-22 degrees C is my kind of temps), but it doesn’t have to rain all the time ether! Enough is as good as a feast.

My mother-in-law has been at the hospital in Ängelholm for more than five weeks now. One of these weeks she had to be treated at the University hospital in Lund. She has an infection in her blood and it had affected the cardiac valves on her heart. After all these weeks of medication and treatments with antibiotics, her medical values have raised and she was looking forward to come home some times in the end of July, but unfortunately her fate wants something else.
Yesterday she stumbled over her shoes and fell badly on her hip. The x-ray showed that there is a fracture on her thigh-bone. Miseries of misery! So now they have taken her to the hospital in Helsingborg because they don’t do operations like this in Ängelholm. I called the orthopaedic division in Helsingborg this morning and she’s fairly well under the circumstances. They will operate her sometime during the day. I had in mind to visit her today because they said yesterday afternoon that they probably would operate sometimes around midnight, but they decided to wait until today. They didn’t know exactly when the operation will take place today so I decided that I will wait until tomorrow to visit her.
Poor little mother-in-law! She’s 84 years old and normally she’s a very active and clear minded old lady.
This infection that she got, we all easily can get e.g. through a small wound, if you have been at the dentist or if you have some other infection in your body. Just bad luck if you catch an infection like this don't you think?
Well, we all keep our fingers crossed that she soon will be in a good shape again and come home to her “little old man”.

Signe, 84 and Sune, 88 years old.

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Judy sa...

What nice posts about Signe and Sune!
(For some reason Blogger is not notifying me when you post on your blog anymore! I hate that!!!)
I love the roses...I can almost smell them here in the USA.