lördag, juni 30, 2007

Everything looks a bit brighter today.

Yes, everything looks a little bit brighter today even though it's raining and the sun is shining by turnes.
Yesterday Bertil and I visited his mother at the hospital in Helsingborg. This was her third day there. She was a bit disorientated yesterday morning when she phoned us, because she thought that she still was in Ängelholm. Bertil had to convince her that she actually was in Helsingborg, so he asked her to put the receiver back in its cradle so he could phone her back. To make a phone call to Helsingborg from here where we live, we have to dial an area code, 042. And as we thought (read knew) she’s in Helsingborg ;)
We came to the hospital in the late afternoon and everything seemed to be alright with my mother-in-law except for that she thought that her leg was put in plaster. I rose up the blanket and there was no plaster, only a small band-aid, about 7x15 cm!!
Well, it’s not easy to stay at the hospital for weeks and weeks and be 84 years old. The agreeable piece of all this is that she probably doesn’t have to stay longer at the hospital then she would have done if she didn’t had this accident with the thigh-bone (lårben).
On Monday they will x-ray the leg so everything is ok and then they will send her back to Ängelholm for further treatments of her infection (which they of cores are doing in Helsingborg too) and to rehabilitate her leg.
This is, has been and will be a long journey for dear Signe, but she’s a tough old lady with a will of steel. We wish her all the best and also that she won’t get into anymore unfortunate incidents.

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Judy sa...

Poor Signe! Please tell her that we send all of our love and best wishes!
These three Swedish first cousins (Ruth, Signe and Sune) are going through a very rough time right now. I'm so glad that we had the opportunity to get them together when we did, aren't you?