onsdag, april 25, 2007

Getting better!

I’ve been sick with a cold for about a week now, but the last three days it has developed to be a sinusitis. So I’d to go to my Doctor today, only that was an all-out effort. Felt like I had jelly in my body. I have had fever, 38.5°, (101.3°), for three days now. My head have felt like it would have blown up in small pieces and I’ve been coughing so much that my throat feels like it have gone through a grater.
I got several different medicines from my Doctor, among others penicillin, nose spray, cough mixture and some pills that dissolve all the phlegm. Actually, I already feel a little bit better then I did this morning, but far from cured. Need to be patience ;-)

5 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

Krya på dej snart!!

eva sa...

Gör så gott jag kan :-/

Judy sa...

Hope you are feeling better and better every day. Glad you finally went to the Dr. and got some good drugs. I continue to use my nasal spray DAILY to avoid another sinusitis attack.

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

I'm feeling a little bit better today, but the coughing is awful! Feels like I'm turning my chest inside out, and it burns like fire.
Just have to take care of my self for once. The fever is slowly going down so there's still hope for me =))))

Be careful with the nasal spray! If you use it for a long time it can have the opposite effect, and you will end with a stopped-up nose instead =(

Take care!
XO Eva

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Me again!
Just want to tell you about a kind of nose-washer that I use to wash out my nose with. It's called Nasaline. You wash out both slime and pollen if you are an allergy sufferer with a salt and water solution made of half a liter of lukewarm water and one teaspoon of salt, (your body's pH-value). You need to washed through your nose two to three times in each nostril. It can be a little bit scary the first time you do it, but after a couple of wash-outs you feel like a new person ;-)
Here's a web site that describes the Nasaline.
Try it, you will not be disappointed.
XO Eva
(If you not are able to find one, I will send one to you).