måndag, mars 05, 2007


Today I've been out taken pictures at my parents-in-law's farm. At Easter it will be out for sale!
We have had, and have busy days to make it ready to show up for prospective buyers. I've cleaned up inside and Bertil the outside and the stables. Bertil's sister and her husband is coming tomorrow and are helping us, so perhaps we can see an end in all this sorting and cleaning.
It was a sunny and lovely weather when I started taken the pictures today, but later on it got more and more cloudy. But I think the pictures came out rather nice anyhow ;-)

When I was ready with my photographing I fixed my own "garden". Raked upp a lot of leaves, wooden sticks and a lot of other junk that pops up when the snow has melted.

"Vad som göms i snö kommer upp i tö". - "What is hidden in snow comes up in thaw". That's an old saying here in Sweden.

Well, have to end for this time. Tomorrow I'm going to have my little grandchild Agnes here, so I better have to go to bed so I'm rested when she's coming =)
Have a nice new day!

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daverichards sa...

Lovely photos...thanks for sharing them..really enjoyed going through your post...and hey you can also visit my blog on Easter Greetings sometime to enjoy all the fun and laughter it's filled up with!!!

Jonna sa...

Eva, du är utmanad.
Gå in på min blogg för att kolla.


Judy sa...

Well Eva, you and Bertil have been busy. What fond, fond memories I have of time spent at Sune and Signe's farm. It looks very cold there today. I remember walking through Signe's flower gardens and sharing the Swedish and English names of what was blooming. I hope they are happy in their new home with their life of leisure. How is your Mama doing?