tisdag, juli 04, 2006

A relaxing weekend in Göteborg/Gothenburg

This weekend I had a relaxing visit with my dear friend Anna and her husband Lennart.
Here she and I are looking at a weekend cottage that was for sale on the small island Orust on the Swedish west coast. You can't see the house (blogger wouldn't let me put anymore pictures on my blog) but both the house and the garden was very well taken care of. Not one grass straw was laying in the wrong direction. This is Anna and Lennart's house in Sävedalen, Göteborg. I had the room with the door in the middle at the bottom floor all by my self. This is what we had for dessert. Sweet Swedish strawberries.

Here's a view from a little road right behind the cottage on Orust.

On our way home we visited some small villages as Kyrkesund, Skärhamn and Rönnäng.

Here's a view from the Italian restaurant in Skärhamn were we ate each a pizza. The church has a very funny tower. It looks like it smiles at you :-)

Lots of sailing and motor boats. A common view in all the small harbors. This is Lennart. He arrived with "his" train just before I had to take my train home to Båstad. As you probably understand, Lennart is an engineer.

Lots and lots of people on there way home on the Sunday afternoon.

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