onsdag, april 19, 2006


At last all snow has gone! The spring is on its way!
Agnes is happy because she dosen't need mittens anymore.
18th of April, 2006.
I think grandfather Bertil has to make a sandbox for little Agnes in the near future.

2 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

I do believe Agnes gets cuter with every day! And yes, grampa Bertil does need to build her a most extraordinary sandbox!!!

Eva sa...

I'm glad that you agree with me concerning the sandbox. He also have to put up some new fences like we had when Anna, Peter and Maria were small children. Then I can be and feel calm when I'm having her here.
Anna started to work at Bäckdalen this Tuesday. She's working three days a week from 9-5. I've promised to take care of Agnes every Tuesday and Ronnie is staying home with her Wedesday and Thursday. In Sweden the father has 60 days that he can stay at home with his child, and get payed. I'm not sure how many days the mother has, but it's more than a year :-) :-)