fredag, februari 03, 2012

Eye Candy

Recently, I've occupied myself with making goodies of some yarn and a crochet hook. Below you can see the results of my work.
I found this web site, and now I'm hooked! I immediately bought the two pattern books that's for sale on this web site as PDF's. Lots of goodies and lots of fun =)

Got this double cake plate as a Christmas gift from Anna, and now I'm tying to fill it with "home made" cup cakes, chocolate, cinnamon buns, fancy cakes and meringues.

 A little "Gift Box".

Have a nice day!
Kram Eva

4 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Eva - those are beautiful!! When I first looked at them I thought they were real! But so much better, as their calorie content is so low! LOL


wasmachtHeli sa...

What a lovely idea.

Maria sa...

They're gorgeous :) And look very yummy!

Anna sa...

Delicious to the eye :D