tisdag, december 13, 2011

Soon Santa will be here!

Yes, 11 days from today it's Christmas Eve, 24th of December. That's the day that we share Christmas presents here in Sweden with our nearest and dearest. Perhaps Santa will show up. Who knows ;-)

Howsomever, I've all my gifts ready for that day, so now I'm going to write all the Christmas cards to send off to friends and family.

I like the Christmas time, not because of the gifts, but for all the decorations and lights that we put up in windows and so on. It lightens up and shines so beautiful, this dark time of the year. Advent stars, Christmas trees and so on.

I hope you will have a nice day!

2 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Hej Eva!

Yes, Christmas will be here very soon! Your package arrived on Saturday. Thank you! Of course we have not opened it yet. We will take it to Kristin, Dave & Charlie's, where we will be spending a few days. I hope to mail your package either tomorrow or Wednesday. I've gotten behind in my little workshop. ;-( I hope it will arrive on time. My cards are done, but now I have to finish these last few gifts and then I will begin my baking. Phew!!!
I like your decorations. We don't have too many up this year. Perhaps when Charlie gets a little older I will drag everything out once again.


Anna sa...

Håller med dig mamma!