måndag, augusti 29, 2011

The Coolest Little Boy in Town!

What will become of this little man? Only four years old and already a "pro". He's so cool on his little motorbike and in his outfit.

It didn't go fast, but I think it's fast enough ;-)
I'd a fun afternoon.
Hope you had that too!


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Judy sa...

Tintin is sooooo very cute! Here I am excited about Charlie crawling, and you post pictures of Tintin on a motorbike! LOL Tintin is so far ahead of Charlie!!! Isn't it fun to wonder what will become of them? I only wish that I was young enough that I would see Charlie as an adult and be able to appreciate what he becomes! I'm happy that my Mom got to see Kristin as a successful adult. Isn't it fun to think what lies in store for our grandchildren!