fredag, maj 06, 2011

New Camera and New Cell.

Sometimes you "need" to buy new things for your self, and lately I have needed to buy me a new camera and a new cell. Nothing showy, but however new. I don't need much to be satisfied. 
The cell is a Nokia and has what I require from a cell. No more, no less. I don't want a toy, just something that is practical to phone with. The phone includes Internet, E-mail, camera and other modern things, so I am not totally a caveman (women).
The camera is a Nikon and has 14,0 Megapixels and shot movies in HD, so I am very pleased with my new tools.
My old cell has ended up in a drawer, and my two old small cameras I have given to my grandchildren. As you can see down under, they will have a lot of fun with them. Both Agnes and Tintin has already taken a lot of shots, and Agnes has figured out how to make movies. An uncostly enjoyment for a long time ahead, and perhaps a prospectively interest for taking pictures.


...and Agnes.

Kram Eva

2 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

What a great idea to gift your old toys to your grandchildren. They will get lots of enjoyment out of them. Meanwhile, you will enjoy your new toys!


Anna sa...

very great gifts indeed! I have to check the number of picture rather often though, since Agnes especially, uses her camera in worst press photographer style :)

I just realized -that the word below, that I will use as verification is golla... That's the same name as the name of the brand of the camera bags...
kind of strange right?!

Thank you mom,