söndag, maj 16, 2010

Hello there!

Here I am again! I haven’t had the right feeling lately to blog in English. Sorry! If you are wondering what I’m doing these days you are able to take a look here, it’s my “Swedish” blog.
If you don’t understand Swedish you are able to translate the blog with Google Translate. If you scroll down a bit you will find that tool to the right in the blog margin. It will not be perfect, but quite understandable…I think ;-)
The weather here in Skåne is cold (about +5-15oC), cloudy and rainy at the moment, so now I’m longing for the lovely sunny May warmth that use to be this time of the year. After a long, snow rich and cold winter like we have had this season, the longing is more apparent then usually.
The trees haven’t sprung out fully yet because of the cold, and everyone that I meet is complaining over the chill. I don’t like when it’s to hot, but about +20oC I’m prepared to accept =)


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