tisdag, december 22, 2009

One day late

Yesterday it was Maria's 28th birthday.
Happy Birthday again ;-)
I didn't forgot Maria yesterday, I just forgot to tell the world that she had her birthday =))).
We celebrated Maria this last Sunday afternoon home at her place. She had made "Lussekatter" - Lucia cats - saffron buns and a lovely chocolate cake (Not the one on the picture, that one I've nicked someplace at the Internet).
I hope you had a wonderful day even though it was the shortest day of the year -The winter solstice.


2 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

tack mamma! Kul att ni ville komma :)

Judy sa...

Belated Happy Birthday wishes to Maria! ARGH!!!! I'm so sorry that I forgot....I remembered while I was wrapping your gifts to send, but then I forgot again.

Hope your Christmas was Merry!