fredag, december 11, 2009

My Family

Today something took place that doesn’t happen so very often nowadays. Almost my whole family was meeting up at my mother’s place this afternoon. My oldest brother Christian wasn't participating.
My brother Anders has been visiting Skåne for some days now. He lives in Stockholm, so we are not seeing him and his family so very often. (We all live here at the Bjärehalvön in the southern parts of Sweden except for Anders).
He drove back to “the big city” after our meeting, so he’s hopefully safely back home by now.
Fortunately I had my little camera with me, and here’s the result (not the best shootings) of our little “family get-together" this afternoon.
My siblings and my mother.
Marie, Anders, Kerstin, my mother Marie-Louise, Margareta...
...and here am I also participating ;-)