tisdag, november 10, 2009

Not the flue!

I've been a bit shoddy the last week with a strange cold. Every other day I'm just fine and every other day I feel sick with pain behind my nose, headache, cough and a runny nose. it's not much only a bit difusely.
Sooo...I don't think I've the "swine flue" anyhow. But it's beginning to be a little bit irritating now.
I wash down my nose every day with my Nasaline, and that actually helps a lot, but I want to be 100% healthy again, because this is wearisomely now!


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Judy sa...

oh Eva, I do hope that you are feeling better soon, and that you don't have the Swine Flu! I am a firm believer in the nasal 'washings' as you call them! They are so very important!