lördag, oktober 03, 2009

Selling our house

I took this picture this summer when we (Berti and I) had the opportunity to get up flying with our friend Erik.
Our house is the one up to the right. It must have been some point with that flip that day because now I can use my pictures to show you how the house is located and how it looks from above. Click at the picture and it will enlarge.
I've tried to convince Bertil for a long time now that if we should be able to sell our house we have to engage an estate agency, and finally he has agreed.


2 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Hope that your home will sell quickly so that you won't have 'cold feet' and change your minds about moving.


Marie-Anne Condé sa...

Bättre lycka den här gången, önskar jag! Tittade på länken till mäklarfirman - er mäklare ser ung och energisk ut. Så det går nog vägen nu, skall du se!

Kram från mig också!