fredag, augusti 28, 2009

Yet an other funeral

Today I've been at a funeral…again. It was for an old friend, not close but anyhow a person, which we have known for about 30 years. Our kids went to Kindergarten and school together among other things.
I just wanted to show his wife and children my respect by showing up at the funeral. He must have been a very popular and dear person for many people, because there were about 125 persons in the church this afternoon, and there were flowers all over the church floor and also in many of the window recesses.
It was a very beautiful funeral with different speeches by the priest, some well known hymns and a couple of Swedish “dance band tracks” that G liked. Both the chanter and the women who sang the “tracks” are very talented, so it sounded very emotionally.
Religious is the least thing I am, so for me it’s bearable when it’s not to stiff and not to religious.
The Church in Västra Karups.

G became 65 years old

I hope you have had a nice day!

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