tisdag, juli 07, 2009

Sunshine Pie á la Eva

Sunshine Pie, or You take what you have Pie =)

Filling:1 pack with bacon, about 140 gram
6-8 fresh mushrooms in small pieces (or 1 small tin in slices)
About 1½ dl parboiled broccoli in small bouquets
About 100 gram of Feta cheese in small squares
1 orange (plum) tomato in thin slices
½ leek in thin slices or ½ onion of optional type

Egg mixture:3 eggs
200 gram (2 dl) 34% Crème Fraiche
½ dl whip cream
Some salt and new grounded black pepper

Cut the bacon with a scissor or cut with a knife into small pieces.
Clean the mushrooms and cut into small pieces or slices.
Chop the leek or onion.
Put all these ingredients into a pie tin, and roast it for about 5-10 minutes while you mix up the egg mixture.
Put the rest of the ingredients, (broccoli, Feta cheese and tomato) into the tin and pour over the egg mixture.
Oven heat: 200°C (392°F) for about 30 minutes.
Serve with a salad and home made Rhode Island salad sauce/dressing.

Rhode Island salad sauce/dressing:200 gram (2 dl) 34% crème fraiche
3-4 tbsp real mayonnaise
3-4 tbsp tomato purée
salt and new grounded black pepper

I hope you will have a zestful meal!

2 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

that sounds and looks so yummy! Thank you! I will have to try it, as I know Craig would love it! What is Rhode Island dressing?


Eva Hagbjärn sa...

It's a sauce you can have/eat together with your salad or any other kind of vegetables.
E.g. boiled Broccoli, Cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, Haricots verts etc.