tisdag, juli 14, 2009

Mummified Food!!

I saw this on the new web site LCHF.se. What do you think when you see a film clip like this?


That was my first thought! Not that I'm a regular custumor at that place, but it happens now and then when Bertil wants to have a 'burger'. The thing is that he loves their French fries, and I just hate it. I use to eat a small Chicken burger when we go there, but NEVER AGAIN!

In this film from March 2008 a lady is showing a four years old Happy Meal. It is remarkable that the food not been aged in a natural way. It has instead more become mummified. The bread has not mould, just been hard. The cheese and meat is not rotten or mould. The meat is just shrunk slightly, while the cheese solidified. The French fries principle looked fresh. Unless it’s not smuggled to the truth in this film it gives you a thought about what fast food can contain. The film contains some advertising which we do not need to worry about.


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Maria sa...

scary :/

Eva Hagbjärn sa...


anna sa...

In a way I'm not surprised, but still... I never thought it could be THIS BAD!!