söndag, juni 14, 2009

Summer time

Yes, yes! Now these lovely berries have there season here in Sweden. They have 8,3 g of carbohydrates/100 g, so I have to be careful with this kind of goodies. If you eat according the LCHF "diet" and want to lose weight, you shouldn't eat anything that's higher than 5 g carbohydrates/100 g food.

Sweet, sweet Goodies!
Here's a new utensil in my kitchen. It's a thermos coffee percolator with two cans included in the price, 299 SEK, about $39. A very good purchase ;-)


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Judy sa...

I would hate to miss out on those lovely strawberries Eva! I like your coffee pot. We love iced coffee in the summer, and I try to make a large pot of coffee and then refrigerate it, but Craig drinks a couple of cups of hot coffee and then that about finished up the pot. Maybe we need a second pitcher.