måndag, juni 22, 2009

No Snow?

Only a lot of green grass!!!
I had my grandchildren here for some hours today. We had a very sunny and warm day here today, so we spent some of these hours outside in the garden =)
Both Tintin and Agnes got there eyes on the plastic sledges that I've stored in our conservatory so they wanted me to take them out so they could play with them.
Unfortunately Tintin thought that he could "drive" the sledge with the steering wheel, so he had a very hard work to get it back and forth on the law and tried to make me understand that I should drag him around at the lawn. Of course I understood what he meant and wanted, but I was the one who held in the camera so what could I do??? =))))
Unfortunately Tintin isn't talking a lot - yet, but with sign language he's getting very far ;-)
Agnes used her sledge as a rowboat, and she pretended that there were a lot of sharks in the water ;-)


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