fredag, maj 01, 2009

Improvement (?)

It's very hot and dry in our ablong country these days. This was the temperatures in front of our house yesterday afternoon. It has been like this for weeks now. Do we have our summer already, or what? They have forcasted rain on Sunday, so let's hope that will do up for some days anyhow.

Today I've oiled our garden chairs (12 items) and this new Garden furniture that I bought at IKEA the day before yesterday.
What do you think about my little arraignment? Some improvement from before I hope. It doesn't look as empty as before in my eyes anyhow.

I'm glad that IKEA exist =)


3 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Your patio looks like a resort! I really love what you've done Eva! I am really happy that we too now have Ikea. The Atlanta store is very close to our condo and Craig and I go there often to pick up a few things that we can't find anywhere else.
It has been in the 70s here this week, which is pretty comfortable. We are having a thunderstorm now as I write. I love the rain!


Maria sa...

ser jättefint ut :)

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Thank you both Judy and Maria for your comments =)