tisdag, april 07, 2009

Old and Toothless =(

This day didn’t become as I thought it would. A couple of days ago I felt that a jacket crown at a back tooth in the left upper jaw was loose, so I phoned my dentist and got an appointment today at 9.00 am. At home it felt like the tooth would fall out at any second, but alas how wrong I was.
The dentist had to carry out a lot of strength to get it out, and if that wasn’t enough, what was left of my real tooth was a total disaster.
“Sorry, but I have to pull out the whole tooth”, he said. My answer, with all that things you have in your mouth when you’re at the dentist, was: “Mmhh!?”
I wasn’t prepared for this at all, so my pulse probably went up to a very high level, my hands became damped with sweat and a lot of thoughts twizzled around in my head. Suddenly I felt very feeble.
“Shall we pull it out today or do you want to do it another day”, he asked. “Do it today”, I said. There’s nothing to wait for even though I was terrified to death. I didn’t want to pass through this feeling once again another day further on.
The anaesthesia was rapidly done, and now the real work had begun. The dentist had a real battle to fight with that one I can tell you, but after about three quarters, a lot of drilling, cutting in my gum, sewing and a little bit irritation at the dentist nurse my dentist finished his work. He’s a very competent man, so I didn’t felt any pain at all, but after some hours half my head was aching like h…!!! Two pain killers and I felt as “new” again.
When something like this happens, I feel like I’m in some kind of total ageing break down. I’m only (soon) 58. Hopefully I’ve many years left of my life, so I do not want to pull out any teeth at all actually. Buhuuuu!!!

I think I have to take a couple of painkillers again before I go to bed tonight =(


2 kommentarer:

Maria sa...

ajaj! Hoppas pillerna hjälper!! Kram!

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

Ja de hjälpte. Idag har jag bara tagit ett piller, så det blir nog bra.
Kram till dig oxå!