fredag, april 10, 2009

The Kitchen ceiling lamp became a Soda Streamer!

I wanted a new lamp in my kitchen, so said and done; I went to the electrical shop and bought a nice green lamp that I liked. When I came home I unpacked the lamp, and took down the old one, but when I looked closer I saw a scratch in the varnish. Just a small one, but if you pay 500 sek for something you want it to be faultless. I do anyhow.
Bertil went back to the shop to get a new lamp, but they didn’t have anyone at home, so we had to wait a week for a new one.
After a week we got the new lamp, and we unpacked this one too, and it was the same thing with this one. We went back to the store once again (fortunately the shop isn’t very far from here), and this time I decided that we should look at the lamp before we took it home. The only thing was that they didn’t have any green lamps left, not even back in the store room.
They had one green lamp hanging in the store, but it was the same thing with this one.
Sigh!!!! (Suck).
They had other colors on these lamps, red, black and white, and there were no scratches on these. Very strange (?). Sigh – again! I didn’t want any red, black or white lamp – I WANTED A GREEEEN ONE!!!!
We (Bertil, I and the man in the store) came to the conclusion that the machine that stamped out the lamps must have had some kind of imperfection when it made the green lamps. =((((((
In this situation I gave up my desire for a new kitchen ceiling lamp and bought us a Soda Streamer instead, whom we will have a lot of delightedness from.
I’ve put the thought of a new lamp “on the shelf”, for now anyhow.


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