tisdag, februari 10, 2009

New Eyeglasses

I’ve been to my optician and got my eyes checked out. It showed up that I needed stronger glass. I also had incipient cataract in my left eye. No good news at all. So in this stage I decided to change my “look” by changing the frames totally, but I couldn’t find any frames that I liked in the optician’s range of products.
I got to borrow some frames with me home, but I didn’t fall for any of them anyhow. What should I do now?
Well, in my quandary it struck me that I had a pair of “old” frames in a drawer that I maybe could use, and here below you are able to see the result.
Perhaps not the best of choices, but I’m quite satisfied anyhow. One doesn’t have to be that fastidious (petnoga). The main thing is that I can see again =)))))


3 kommentarer:

Judy sa...

Yes: I like those 'new' frames. The brown on the top coordinates nicely with your hair!
Sorry to hear that you have joined me with the cataracts. ;-( I personally cannot wait to have the surgery, so that I can see again!


Marie-Anne sa...

Det var snyggt med lite mer markerade bågar, gör ansiktet mer synligt på ett positivt sätt. Dina bågar påminner om mina senaste!
Kusinen i Norr

Eva Hagbjärn sa...

I'm glad you liked my new frames. Thank you both Judy and Marie-Anne for your comments =)