tisdag, januari 27, 2009

Almond pancakes

I’m a great lover of pancakes, but since I started to eat according to the LCHF a year ago, I haven’t been eating one single pancake. Today I searched at the Internet and found some interesting recipes. I looked them all through and took a little bit here and a little bit there so they would suit me.

So here’s my alternative on LCHF pancakes:
4 eggs, 2-2½ deciliter whip cream, 100 gram grounded almond (should preferably be like flour), about 1-2 ml measuring spoon (krm) vanilla-flavoured sugar, a pinch (nypa) of salt and one ml measuring spoon baking powder. Use real butter to fry in.

Whip it all together and bake on medium heat in a small frying pan. Serve with whipped cream, raspberries or some other berries.

These pancakes were really delicious, and the smell that was spreading in my kitchen was very pleasant.

I can really recommend you to try these titbits.


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zsooo sa...

looks delicious, i think i'm gonna try it. thanks for posting

Judy sa...