torsdag, december 25, 2008

My days just flies off!

Already Thursday?
My days (Thursday-Saturday) in Stockholm were nice, despite the sad reason why I went there, but it was also far too short time to get enough time to speak to my cousins.
My mother and I stayed at my brother Anders and his wife Catarina’s home. Anders was very kind and drove us wherever we needed to go, (he also attended the funeral) to and from the airport and so on. He’s a taxi driver, since 41 years back, so he’s accustomed to the traffic in Stockholm, and knows every street and place in the whole city.
Friday evening we went to Tyresö Slottskrog and ate Swedish Julbord (Christmas buffet or Swedish smorgasbord). The food was very tasty and we all got satisfied more than enough ;-)
Saturday at 12 pm we landed at the small airport, Barkåkra again, and Bertil picked us up.
Bertil had coped by himself these two days smoothly, just as I had believed.


Yesterday it was Christmas Eve and as usually we, Bertil, I, Maria, Anna, Ronnie, Agnes and little Tintin had Christmas dinner, here at about 13.30 pm, and then we opened our gifts.
Agnes was very tense all through the dinner. All she wanted was to open Christmas gifts. Food wasn’t interesting at all. Because she’s almost four years old, she remembered how it was last Christmas. Tintin on the other hand didn’t have any memories, he was only 6 month old last Christmas, and so he was very confused. He wasn’t that interested in opening any gifts. He just wanted to pick them up from the paper bags that we had stored them all in, but there was one gift that he got from Bertil and me that he liked very much. It was a big truck with a smaller car on its lorry platform.
We had a lovely day and evening together, as always. A big THANK YOU and lots of hugs to my dear family!
Here are some pictures from our Christmas Eve ;-)
Christmas Spirit

Maria and Agnes.

Anna has got a yoga mat from Maria.

This is me with a book I got from Maria.

A happy little boy, Tintin.

Agnes is drawing upside down.

Tintin is sweeping =)))

Agnes has got a Snow white doll from Grandma and Grandpa.

Tintin and Agnes is playing with his new truck.

Agnes, Tintin and daddy Ronnie.

Tintin is joking with Grandpa Bertil...

...and so is Agnes.


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Maria sa...

THANK YOU mamma! Christmas was lovley as always, despite two hyperactive kids ;) haha!

Judy sa...

Wow: it looks like it was busy at your house!