tisdag, december 02, 2008

Julmat - Christmas Food

Today I’ve been standing at the kitchen sink and cooker stove the whole afternoon. I’ve made some of the Christmas food we use to eat on Christmas Eve. Among other things I’ve made Meatballs, Jansson’s Temptation, Potato Gratin and Ginger bread muffins.
Since I eat according the LCHF diet I usually don’t eat potatoes or any coffee bread, but on Christmas Eve I’ll make an exception.
Potato Gratin is one of my favourite dishes, so once a year I will indulge my self to eat that. I have a lot of whip crème and rasped cheese in them.
I haven’t been eating potatoes more then twice this year, and that was this summer when I tasted the Swedish new potatoes at Midsummer. Two small Bjäre potatoes ;-)
We also have our Christmas ham, chipolata sausages (prinskorv), boiled eggs in halves, boiled potatoes (for Bertil who doesn’t like the gratin), about two kind of herrings (that I don’t like), bread (that I don’t eat), cheese, German sausage, liver pâté, fresh vegetables e.g. tomatoes and cucumber, boiled vegetables e.g. Green beans, cauliflower on the table at Christmas. Perhaps I’ve forgotten something, but I think this was enough anyhow ;-)


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