tisdag, november 25, 2008


This is what we had for dinner today (afternoon). It's a stew made of fillet of pork and lots of other goodies. The potatoes you can see in the background is for my husband and the cauliflower is for me =)

Eva's Fillet of Pork Stew
Here are the ingredients for 2-3 persons:
1 fille of pork, about 20 small mushrooms, 1 leek, 1 dl 34% crème fraiche, 1-2 dl whip cream, 1-2 tbs mustard, 1-3 tbs Chinese Soya, some black pepper and butter to fry it all in.

Observe! No salt! The soya is salt.

Sauté the fillet, leek and the mushrooms. Put it all in a casserole and muddle up the rest of the ingredients and let the stew simmer for about 30 minutes. Meanwhile the stew is simmering boil the potatoes and the cauliflower.

If you try this recipe I hope you will enjoy it and have a tastful dinner ;-)

1 fillet of pork.

1 leek and about 20 small mushrooms.

About 1 deciliter 34% crème fraiche and 1-2 deciliter whip cream, no light products.

Simmer for about 30 minutes.

Potatoes (for my husband).

Cauliflower (for me)

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Judy sa...

MMMMM: looks like a very nice and filling winter soup. I bought a new pressure cooker the other day and made a big batch of pea soups for dinner. It only takes 10 minutes to cook and then you have to let the cooker cool for 5 minutes before opening it. The soup was fantastic!